Nathan Diehl named 2011 Alabama Gatorade Player-of-the-Year, AGAIN.

May 10, 2011

There is no doubt who has been Alabama’s top male soccer player for the past two years. After taking the honors in 2010, Birmingham United’s U18 Academy Defender, Nathan Diehl, has earned his second Gatorade POY award for the state of Alabama.

The University of North Carolina bound senior has had a terrific final season at the Academy. He is a fierce competitor and has played well in almost every game this year. He played very consistently this season and put his Academy team in a position for a potential playoff spot in this years playoffs in June. Diehl and his squad need to do well in the remaining 5 conference games with a chance to qualify and even win the Division this year for the first time.

Diehl also led his High School team, Mountain Brook, to the state playoffs and was the team’s leading goal scorer this year. Everyone in Alabama and Birmingham wishes Nathan all the best for the rest of his Academy Season and when he suits up for the Tar Heels this fall.