Congratulations to our 2018 Medical Properties Trust Birmingham Bash Champions!

This year’s Bash included close to 4,000 players on 265 teams from eight states: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. The estimated economic impact on the local economy was $6.2 million, highlighting the Bash’s status as a marquee soccer event in the state of Alabama.

Thank you to all the teams that participated in this great weekend and to our generous sponsor, Medical Properties Trust.



2010 Boys Gold
BUSA Academy 2010 Blue

2010 Boys Silver
VHSC PA Cen Steamers 10 LAFC

2009 Boys Gold
FC Montgomery U-10 Red (U-9)

2009 Boys Silver
Concorde Central U10 Red Boys

2009 Boys Bronze
USC 09 Boys Select

2008 Boys Gold
Germantown Legends 08 Black

2008 Boys Silver
Alabaster 08B Eliud

2008 Boys Bronze
Huntsville FC YA Boys 08 Arsenal

2007 Boys Gold
BUSA 07 Boys

2007 Boys Silver
BUSA 07 Premier

2007 Boys Silver II
Alabaster Warriors

2007 Boys Bronze
AFC Black 07

2006 Boys Gold
Sky Pre Academy 06

2006 Boys Silver
Bayside Dynamo 06B

2006 Boys Silver II
Concorde Central U13B Black

2006 Boys Bronze
Briarwood SC Ambassadors Gold 06

2005 Boys Gold
BSC Ambassadors 05B Gold

2005 Boys Silver

2005 Boys Bronze
Alabama Rush 05 Boys

2004 Boys Gold
BUSA 04 Boys

2004 Boys Silver
Hoover Phantoms 2004 Blue

2003 Boys Gold
RAD 03 Boys Gold

2003 Boys Silver

2002 Boys Gold
FCD-EC 02B Select I

2002 Boys Silver

2000 Boys Gold
00 Hernando Express-Select

2000 Boys Silver


2010 Girls Gold
BUSA 10 Academy White

2010 Girls Silver
VHSC PA Attack 10 Spirit

2009 Girls Gold
Bayside Dynamo 09G

2009 Girls Silver
Huntsville FC 09 girls

2008 Girls Gold
BUSA 08 Academy White

2008 Girls Silver
Huntsville FC Courage

2008 Girls Bronze
08 Lady Lobos Rush White

2007 Girls Gold
BUSA Girls 07

2007 Girls Silver
Attack 07 Black II

2007 Girls Bronze
Chattanooga FC 07 Elite White Girls

2006 Girls Gold
Emerald Force 06G Sevilla

2006 Girls Silver
Huntsville FC Girls 06 Blue II

2005 Girls Gold
BUSA 05 Girls

2005 Girls Silver
BUSA 05 Premier Girls

2004 Girls Gold
BUSA 04 Girls