Legion & Alabama FC USL W

AFC is committed to providing a competitive soccer environment for our current and former members.  We are very excited to offer this opportunity for our players to compete at the national level in a professional environment while maintaining their amateur status.  AFC Executive Director Andrew Brower: “This is an excellent way for our current and former players to continue to develop during the summer months. It also provides a platform for our younger players to look up to and aspire to play for the team one day.”

For more information about the USL W, tryouts, schedule, etc., please contact Nathan Archard [email protected]

USL W League Information

The USL W League is a leader in pre-professional soccer in North America, developing the next generation of women’s talent both on and off the field. The USL W League strives to use women’s soccer as a force for societal good by creating a national platform to increase opportunity, gender equity, and career development. The League and its member clubs are committed to investing in women’s soccer – through not only financial resources but also with time, energy, and attention – and are united in our mission to grow the women’s game.

The USL W League will serve as the nation’s premier pre-professional league developing the next generation of women’s talent both on and off the field, enhancing the women’s soccer pipeline between college and professional soccer. With 44 teams across 20 states in its inaugural season, the USL W League will bring elite women’s soccer to communities across the U.S., creating more opportunities to play, watch and work in the women’s game.

Coaching Staff

Nathan Archard – Head Coach

Janet Parks – Assistant Coach

Jay Hammond – Head Coach