What are tryouts?

Tryouts are the formal process of forming teams for the coming seasonal year. Players are selected for teams based on their performance at tryouts, from previous seasons, and additional evaluations made by coaches throughout a player’s soccer career.

Who is eligible to tryout?

Any player from within BUSA’s competitive and recreational programs, along with any player from outside the club, is welcome to attend tryouts. All players are encouraged to attend all tryout sessions and there is no cost for a tryout.

What age do tryouts begin?

Tryouts begin for the 9 and under age group and continue up until our oldest players, which are categorized as the 19 and under age group. Anyone who is a U-8 will need permission from the Director Staff.

When do tryouts occur?

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Should I attend all tryout sessions?

In order for coaches to get the best look at placing players on the appropriate teams, players should attend all tryout sessions. Each age group usually has 3 tryout sessions and one rain make-up date. If for some reason you cannot attend a tryout please contact the age group coach and/or the Director of Coaching.

What should I bring and wear to tryouts?

All players need to bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards and water to each tryout session. All players will be given a tryout number, must wear it to all BUSA sessions, and therefore should keep it between each session. Returning BUSA players should wear their training gear if possible to each session.

My son or daughter wants to play up an age group, is this possible?

Any player wishing to play up an age group must seek permission from their age group coach and appropriate Directors of Coaching. All players playing up are evaluated individually as each situation is unique and therefore evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Any player deemed fit to play up an age group by the Directors of Coaching is someone considered in the staff’s professional opinion to be a significantly impactful player on the team.

Who is evaluating the tryouts?

Directors of Coaching oversee the entire tryout process while allowing individual age group coaches to evaluate their own tryout sessions. In most age groups, the top team coach will be the lead coach of the age group. He or she will facilitate the evaluation of the age group to ensure players are properly placed. We also have extra BUSA Staff on hand to help each age group coach with evaluation and selection for each team.

What occurs at each tryout?

We recommend all players wanting to tryout pre-register via the BUSA website for tryouts as it will save you time the day of the tryout. Players/parents will check in their son/daughter at each tryout, and each player receives a number to wear at each tryout. Players are then sent with their age group to an assigned field. From there, players are randomly grouped together to begin the tryout session. (Note: players may be grouped together for strategic reasons by coaches to evaluate specific aspects of players’ ability.) All players get a fair chance and the coaches will gauge their performance as players in determining BUSA team placement and selections. Our vision with the tryout process is to our allow players, after a brief warm-up activity, the chance to play in a game-like environment as much as possible. This allows the BUSA staff to evaluate the player in the best environment to properly place them with the appropriate team.

When are selections made for each team?

Coaches may begin selecting players on the first tryout day and continue until the final stages of the tryout period. All players will receive communication from the age group coach regarding which team he or she has been offered/placed. All players will receive communication from the age group coach regardless of whether your son or daughter makes a BUSA team or not. Offers for team placement may be done in person on the field and or on the phone after a session. Note: players under 10 may be called on the phone after the tryout period in an effort to be sensitive to the younger players. U-9 players are formed into age group pools. We try not to cut players at this age group with the goal to have a comprehensive age group pool environment.

Is there a parent’s meeting after tryouts for new teams/players?

All teams will have a meeting with their coach and manager to discuss the fall season. These meetings typically take place soon after the end of the tryout period.

What does it cost to play?

All of our competitive fee information can be found on the website under the tryout and or competitive tab on the BUSA website. We are one of the only clubs in the state that publishes its competitive fees and do not have any hidden costs or expectations through volunteerism.

What happens if I am out of town or unable to attend tryouts?

All players who are unable to attend should adhere to the following protocol.
A. Pre-Register for Tryouts, and note you will absent on the form.
B. E-mail [email protected] and [email protected] with your child’s name, date of birth and current team or playing level.
C. *Try to Attend the Pre-Tryout Camp in late May.

Missing tryouts is not ideal but our staff does try our best to accommodate those players who miss tryouts. Missing tryouts does make it difficult to assure the best placement for a competitive team, so please do your best to try and attend as many tryout sessions as possible.

*Attending the Pre Tryout Camp is not a guarantee of placement as the actual tryout dates are the most important dates to attend for best placement within an age group.

Am I allowed to tryout during the middle of the season?

Yes, tryouts can occur at any point during the season. The following protocol will be used for player’s who tryout during the middle of the season:

  • All players must contact the appropriate Directors of Coaching and Age Group Coach who will set up a team(s) to tryout with during the course of the season within a regular practice setting.
  • We prefer players seeking to join a team in the middle of a season to participate in two tryout sessions before any placement decisions will be made with regard to team selection.
  • The player will be evaluated with regard to the entire age group pool and placement may depend on roster size limits in addition to ability. Note, any BUSA player has first right to move up an ability level should the level of a new player trying out and the player on an existing team be equal, unless it is deemed to be a positional need for the team. Ultimately the goal is to properly place the right player on the correct team/level of play based on roster availability.
  • Any player trying out is evaluated with the entire pool of players within an age group, and a player trying out may be asked to attend sessions with different teams for most accurate placement.

Who should I contact with tryout questions?

  1. E-mail [email protected]
  2. Call the office at 205-977-9038