Holy Rosary Soccer Program

BUSA would like to welcome the soccer teams of the Church of the Holy Rosary.  These teams have been in the independent soccer league and now have joined with us here at BUSA for their soccer home.  We are excited to have them with us, and we are looking forward to some fun soccer matches ahead.

Holy Rosary is managed by Mr. Harri Haikala.  If you wish to register to play, please contact him at [email protected].

Saint Franic Xavier Soccer

BUSA is proud to welcome Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School to its Soccer program!

St Francis is a perfect fit for our program, and the additional teams and players joining us are sure to have a great experience.  St Francis has been providing soccer for its student-athletes for years and will be continuing to grow its program and adding more soccer players to the program.

Registration for St Francis soccer can still be found at the school through the athletic program.  You may also register online here at the link to the right.  Soccer fees are remaining the same at $125 for the first child, and $80 for each other child.  Please pay the school.

For more information on the St Francis Soccer program, please contact the athletic director Tonya Balducci at [email protected], or at the school.