BUSA-South Development Program

The BUSA-South Development Program is an extension of Birmingham United Soccer Association that looks to provide the BUSA experience to players and families from the Chelsea, Greystone and Inverness areas while also acting as a feeder program for Birmingham United’s elite level programs such as BUSA’s Academy Program (Boys) and BUSA’s ECNL Program (Girls).

Sunday Soccer: Under 4 – Under 5

The BUSA-South Sunday Soccer Program is designed to provide children an introduction to the game of soccer as well as an opportunity to explore their motor skills and interact with other children their age. Volunteer coaches will introduce their teams to the game of soccer while encouraging a fun atmosphere in which the overall objective is enjoyment with a little soccer mixed in!

  • AGES

  • U4

  • $80

  • U5

  • $95

Recreational: Under 6 – Under 18

The BUSA-South Recreational Program is dedicated to offering players from Under-6 to Under-18 the chance to play the game of soccer within their local communities.  The BUSA-South Recreational Program provides a fun atmosphere for players young and old to develop their soccer skills and technical abilities.

  • AGES

  • U6

  • $135

  • U7

  • $160

  • U8

  • $160

  • AGES

  • U9-U19

  • $185

Jr. Academy: Under 7 – Under 11

The BUSA-South Jr. Academy Program serves as the developmental link between the BUSA-South Recreational Program and the BUSA-South Competitive Program. It is open to all players between the ages of 7 and 10. The Jr. Academy’s primary focus is on a player’s individual technical development. The Jr. Academy staff will encourage players to express themselves by using their individual skills and technical abilities to problem-solve and create opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

South Training Program

South Training for U-9 through U-12 Players:

This is for any 2011, 2012, 2013, and even the occasional 2008 that wants extra sessions, missed a north session, and or lives in the south area and cannot get to north training. This is a great program and Will and Lee are excellent trainers and coaches.

Below is the program information, and note the south field hotline is 205-969-9729, but #2 at the prompt.


Contact your lead Age Group Coach or Academy Manager Josh Hurst: [email protected]

Academy/Academy Training Options

Currently, we have two Academy South only pools.

Those pools are the 2011 Boys and 2010 Boys. If you would like an in-season Evaluation please Email the Academy Director (See Below)

BUSA will be looking to grow our SOUTH program this fall by offering 2012 Boys and Girls at tryouts/Evals. (Click Here)

We will also be offering our normal South Training Program for our South players who are not in the current South Pools.

Any Questions please Contact Academy Manager Josh Hurst at [email protected]

  • AGES

  • U9

  • $1075

  • Trg Months = 8
  • U10

  • $1,200

  • Trg Months = 8
  • U11

  • $1,300

  • Trg Months = 9

Competitive Teams

The BUSA-South Competitive Program is dedicated to offering players the chance to compete at the highest level, both regionally and nationally; providing a platform to give players the highest quality of training and competition; and encouraging players to participate on state, regional and national teams.

D1 and D2 teams are available. Contact Director of Coaching Ben Parks at [email protected]

  • AGES

  • U12-U14

  • $1,200

  • Trg Months = 8
  • U15-U18

  • $800

  • Trg Months = 4


Andrew Brower – BUSA Director of Coaching

Office Phone: 205-977-9038

Email: [email protected]