Diving Session

Phases of Diving

Phase I

–       The player will start out on your knees with your body straight up.

–       As the player bend at the waist make sure that your hands are together

–       Both hands should impact the ball at the same time

–       One hand should land on top of the ball with the other behind the ball

–       Make sure that your bottom hand does not get under the ball

–       Eyes are watching the ball all the way into your hands

–       Make sure when doing this with a stationary ball to keep the ball at a 45º angle in front of you

–       Complete 4 to each side before changing sides

Phase II

–       Steps and coaching points are the same as above except the following:

o   The Player is now in a squat position

o   Make sure heels are together like a baseball catcher

o   The Player still wants to go forward to the ball not to land on his/hers’ stomach

o   Do not get into a full stand up position

o   Make sure hands lead here again

–       Complete 4 to each side before changing sides

Phase III

–       Player will be in a full standing position

–       Player needs to make sure that their feet are active in a training bounce

o   Training bounce is a term that is used at our program to make sure the player in on the balls of his or her feet

–       The Player will take a positive step toward the angle of the ball

–       The Player will bend at the knees and make sure to have their bottom hand come out at the knee

o   This will allow the player to get low enough to make the save

–       The Player will continue with the Phase I and Phase II hand placement to finish the dive out