Player, Parent & Coach Roles

WHAT DO YOU AS A PLAYER NEED TO DO TO PLAY COLLEGE SOCCER? (What is your role in the process?)

  • Be proactive and take responsibility of the process!  This is your dream!
  • Follow the recruiting timeline to stay ahead of the game.
  • Follow through with your communication!  This is one thing that tells college coaches (your club coaches and parents too!) how much you want to really play!  Stay on top of this!
  • Keep the recruiting process to yourself – there is no need to brag about the schools you are talking to or visiting.
  • Be aware of the negative effects of Social Media! If you have any hesitation about posting something on social media, DON’T!!  College coaches do their research!  Once something is posted, you never know who has seen it!
  • Maintain your grades – academics & athletics go hand-in-hand!


  • Enable your child to take responsibility of the process – do not do it for them!
  • Provide oversight and stay in communication with players and club coaches.
  • Keep your child realistic about school choices – you know them better than they know themselves!
  • Let the kids communicate with college coaches.  The coaches want to know the kids really want to play!


  • Follow up with players, parents, and college coaches in regards to things pertinent to the recruiting process.
  • Give players playing time at showcase events so they are seen by college coaches. The score in games only provides college coaches context for what they are watching!  Always compete no matter the score!
  • Help ensure Team Profiles are up-to-date and accurate for games and events.
  • Be HONEST with players and college coaches – our credibility is on the line!

Template for Emailing College Coaches

Dear [Coach’s Name],

My name is [Your Name], I am part of the class of [Your Graduating Class] at [Your High School] in [Your Hometown and State]. I am interested in [The Name of The University] and learning more about your program.

[Include information here about the research you did into their program]

I play [List your position or best events here and the name of your team]. Some of my best accomplishments to date are [list your top two or three best times, awards or recognitions]. You can view my complete online profile here [Link to your online profile if you have one]. Here is a link to my highlight tape [link to your online highlight tape]. Please feel free to contact my coach(s) [List the email and phone number for your high school and/or club team coach]. Here is my schedule:

Date                Location                      Name of Event                          My Team Name

2/22/2014    Sacramento, CA          Elite 7-on-7 Tournament          Nor-Cal All-Stars

[List your GPA and test scores here if you have taken them]. [Talk about what you like about the academic reputations of the school].

I will be following up this email with a phone call. I look forward to hearing back from you and learning