BUSA Announces 2020 BUSA SERVES Day Initiative!


We are thrilled to announce our annual BUSA Serves Day Initiative to conclude our annual Competitive Team Camp to kick off the fall season.  The goal and mission statement of BUSA is to Empower, and Enrich our players so that they can Excel in life.  We feel the annual BUSA Serves Day is a key ingredient to teaching our players how to serve and impact others. 

This year we will be partnering with Restoration Academy School in Fairfield as our main recipient, but also with the City of Birmingham Parks and Recreation Department.  Many of you know may or may not know that BUSA fully funds a youth soccer program for the school and also fully funds their new high school soccer program. Due to COVID restrictions there are some things we will doing at a later date but below is a scope of the project:

  1. Raise a scholarship for 1-2 students. (all donations are tax deductible and go directly to Restoration Academy)
  2. We will provide school supplies for all students K-4 to 8th Managers will be sending your team’s list and instructions in the middle of July.
  3. Our oldest teams will participate in a leadership symposium at the school with RA students
  4. We will dedicate a day in the fall/winter to help spruce up the school
  5. We will offer our players/parents a chance to help out with our programs at the school in the fall
  6. We will also be providing a one-day camp in conjunction with the Birmingham Parks and Recreation Department at Legion Field where in which we will solicit our membership to help run the camp!


Executive Director Andrew Brower was quoted, “I am so happy to partner with R.A and the City of Birmingham to help empower kids through soccer.  I am a passionate believer that we are called to serve others.  I also think that athletics is a great pedestal for kids to grow, thrive and be enriched through sport, and thus I am hopeful BUSA can make a significant impact to those in which we will work with during the 2020 BUSA Serves Day.  I am also grateful to long standing coaches Mac Kelley and Jay Hammond, who were both proud life-long youth players at BUSA and now use their gifts and talents to coach the next generation of leaders in our club.  Both of these two were instrumental in the planning, and scope of this project and I am so happy to help support them in their passions to help make the world a better place. Below are a couple of quotes from Coach Mac and Coach Jay.”





Coach Mac Kelley, “BUSA Serves Day is a great opportunity for our coaches and players to provide Restoration Academy with the materials and opportunities that we get in our BUSA Community. Our coaches do a phenomenal job of empowering our players with confidence. Enrich our players with the knowledge it takes for them to be successful and excel on and off the field. Let’s take our motto and what we stand for and utilize it for them in their community.  This will be a great way to show that we Stand Together.”


Coach Jay Hammond, “BUSA Serve Day is a day our players, coaches, and parents have the opportunity to be a part of great mission for Restoration Academy. We are taking a step to lead our BUSA community in empowering each other to make a difference. Building a pillar for our players to excel on and off the field is a mission we have at BUSA. This project will continue to enrich our players for years to come. We as coaches stand together to Empower, Enrich, and Excel our BUSA community. We have great opportunities in our communities and it will be great ordeal to shepherd that into Restoration Academy community as well. WE STAND together to help to create a better tomorrow.”


For more information on Restoration Academy please see the link below:







excited to be able to give back to the community and give kids the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.