2021 National Letter of Intent Early Signing Day


Alabama FC and Birmingham United are so proud to have 18 players signing their National Letter of Intent on the Early Signing day period.

“On behalf of BUSA and Alabama FC we are thrilled to announce and honor our Student-Athletes, who have signed their  NLI during the NCAA’s Early Signing Period.  Each of these individuals represents excellence both on and off the soccer field and we could not more be proud of their accomplishments.  The list of schools posted below is an exceptional display of athletics and academic achievement and a testament to many long hours of hard work and dedication by our players.  A special thank you to the many coaches, parents, and support staff who have helped these kids accomplish their dreams, as it certainly takes a village to raise a child.


We will celebrate many other 2021 graduates in the February signing period and look forward to honoring those players this winter!” Said our Executive Director of Coaching Andrew Brower