Fitness U10 – U14

Daily Dynamic Warmup
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(*to be performed 2 days / week – prior to Individual Home Skills Program if you wish to do them together)

Glute bridgex12squeeze glutes tight
Quadruped Fire Hydrantsx8 each legkeep upper body still
Lunge iso holdsx:20s each leg
Dynamic Movement
Squatsx12low with good posture
Forward Lungex6 each
Lateral Lungex6 each
Straight leg kicksx6 eachStay tall, legs straight
Hinge Toe Touchx10keep back flat! Don’t round!
Neural Activation
Low pogosx25“like jumping rope”
High pogosx10bounce through balls of feet
Fast Feet + Sprint2x10s+10ydschop feet fast, explode out!


At Home Strength

Day 1:Day 2:
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 1Week 2Week 3
Rest 60s b/t setsRest 60s b/t sets
Balance/Stability: Single leg soccer ball rotational tossesBalance/Stability: Single leg Snap Downs – balance!
Alternating Bird-dogs: 3×6 each sideLateral Pillar walk: 3×5 each way
superset both exercisessuperset both exericses
x10/sidex10/sidex10/sidex4 eachx4 eachx4 each
x10/sidex10/sidex10/sidex4 eachx4 eachx4 each
x10/sidex10/sidex10/sidex4eachx4 eachx4each
Circuit through A1-A3Circuit through A1-A3
A1: Negative PushupsA1: Split Squats
Focus solely on the lowering portion of the rep for 3s eachUnder control, good balance
A2: Glute bridge with adductor squeeze with soccer ballA2: Straight leg bridge – feet elevated
squeeze hamstrings
A3: Corrective/CoreA3: Corrective/Core
HipsPigeon Stretch: 3x:20s each legHipsInch Worm: 3×5
CoreCoreReverse Crunch: 3×15
Finisher: Bodyweight squats and situps: reps of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of each (finish as quickly as possible!)
Finisher: Run 1 mile for time

On Field Speed & Conditioning

Day 3Sets/RepsNotes
Daily Dynamic Warmup (above)
Quadruped hip circles2×8 each direction
Pillar bridge with knee drive2×8 eachBalance – keep upper body stiff
Single leg forward hops for stability2x6each legBalance and stability
Single response broad jumpx5 (rest 10s b/t efforts)strong landing position!
Tuck Jumps2×4Continuous jumps
Technical Speed Work:
A skips3x20ydswalk back as rest
Pop up starts4x10yds30s-1′ rest b/t sets
Flying 20’s (10yd build up, 20yds full speed)5x20yds1′ rest b/t sets
Energy System Development:
120 yard shuttles (40yd sprints x3)4 setsRest 60s after each set
Core/StretchAccumulate 3-5 mins of planksevery time you need rest, do 5 inch worms
Day 4Sets/RepsNotes
Daily Dynamic Warmup (above)
Plank with leg lift2×10 eachsmall lifts and stay tight
Bowler lunge2×8 each
Single leg lateral hops for stability2×6 eachrest 30s b/t sets
Continuous lateral heidens2×4 eachrest 30s b/t sets
Lateral high knees2×20 each wayrest 30s-1′ b/t sets
Technical Speed Work:
Lateral skipping3x20yds eachwalk back as rest
Lateral continuous shuffles3×5 each way30s rest b/t sets
T-Drill Agility2x full speed each way30s rest b/t sets
Energy System Development:
Suicides – 5-10-15-20yd sprints4xrest 1′ after each set
Oblique crunch2×10 each side
Pigeon Stretch2x30s each side
Adductor Dips2×8 each side