Fitness U15 – U19

Daily Dynamic Warmup
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(*to be performed 3 days / week – prior to Individual Home Skills Program if you wish to do them together)

Sets/Reps Notes
Single leg glute bridge x10 each squeeze glutes
Quadruped side leg raise x8 each stiff upper body
Quadruped Straight leg raise x8 each squeeze hamstrings
90/90 hip rotations x10 each Sit tall
World’s greatest stretch x5 each good posture
Inch Worm x5
Lateral lunge x5 each depth and posture
Flutter kicks x50 create tension in core
Plank shoulder taps x20 keep hips still
Neural Activation
Low pogos x40 small and fast
Single leg lateral hopping x20 each leg under control!
Fast feet + Sprint 2x10s+10yds chop feet fast, explode out


At Home Strength

Day 1: Day 2:
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Rest 60s b/t sets Rest 60s b/t sets
Power: Continuous Lateral Heidens Power: Split Squat Jumps (maximal height!)
Deadbugs: 3×10 each side Hollow body iso hold: 3x:20s
superset both exercises superset both exericses
x10 x10 x12 x5 each x5 each x5 each
x10 x10 x12 x5 each x5 each x5 each
x10 x10 x12 x5 each x5 each x5 each
Circuit through A1-A3 Circuit through A1-A3
A1: Renegade Row (if you have dumbbells) A1: Towel hamstring curls
OR: Pushup with Rotation (can do pushups on knees if needed! either double leg or single leg modified
x12 x12 x12 x8 x8 x8
x12 x12 x12 x8 x8 x8
x12 x12 x12 x8 x8 x8
A2: Single leg glute bridge on bench/chair A2: Negative Pushups
20 second iso hold on the first rep Focus solely on the lowering portion of the rep for 5s each
x15 each x15 each x15 each x5-8 x5-8 x6-10
x15 each x15 each x15 each x5-8 x5-8 x6-10
x15 each x15 each x15 each x5-8 x5-8 x6-10
A3: Corrective/Core A3: Corrective/Core
Shoulder Shoulder
Torso Torso
Hips glute/adductor mobilizations: 3×5 each Hips Single leg RDL: 3×5 each
Core Core
Finisher: Bodyweight squats and situps: reps of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of each – complete as fast as possible!
Finisher: Run 1 mile for time


Outdoor Speed & Conditioning

Day 3 Sets/Reps Notes
Daily Dynamic Warmup (see above)
Mini band hip flexor lifts 2x8each leg
Side plank with abduction 2×8 each
Single leg forward hops for stability 2x6each leg
Single response broad jump x5 (rest 10s b/t efforts) strong landing position!
Multiple response broad jump 3×3 rest 60s b/t each set
Technical Speed Work:
A skips 3x20yds walk back as rest
Speed Bounding 4x20yds 30s-1′ rest b/t sets
Pop up starts 4x15yds 30s-1′ rest b/t sets
Flying 20’s (10yd build up, 20yds full speed) 5x20yds 1′ rest b/t sets
Energy System Development:
150 yard shuttles (50yd sprints x3) 4 sets Rest 45s after each set
Core/Stretch Accumulate 5 mins of planks every time you need rest, do 5 inch worms
Day 4 Sets/Reps Notes
Daily Dynamic Warmup (see above) x8 each exercise
Side plank with leg lift 2×10 each
Quadruped hip extension w/ band 2x10each
Single leg lateral hops for stability 2×6 each – test distance! rest 30s b/t sets
SL Broad jump + 90 degree bound 2×4 each rest 30s b/t sets
45 degree bounding 5x20yds rest 30s-1′ b/t sets
Technical Speed Work:
Lateral skipping 3x20yds each walk back as rest
Continuous crossover runs 4x15yds each 30s rest each set
Straight line pro agility 4x6x7yds 30s-1′ rest each set
L-Drill with added change of direction 2x each way 1′ rest b/t each set
Energy System Development:
Suicides – 5-10-15-20yd sprints 4x rest 1′ after each set
Plank shoulder taps 3×20 (10 each) hold each rep x 2s
Pigeon Stretch 3x30s each leg
Adductor Dips 3×5 each leg