Mental Skills

Mental Preparation

Soccer has 4 basic pillars Technical, Fitness, Tactical and Mental.

Learn how to Control the Controllables in these videos. Players spend many hours on the first 3 but not much on the mental side.

It’s been said that in practice it’s 90% physical and 10% mental. When it’s game time and the pressure is on, the percentages switch! It’s 90% mental and 10% physical. Your body’s been trained and you’ve worked hard to know what to do and how to play, but something happens that jams your circuits.  You don’t play your best when it matters most.  Some players become frustrated, lose focus, and get angry, while others choke in the big moments.

It is important to understand that the four pillars of your sport are not independent. Each pillar works in concert with the others. It’s like the four legs on a chair, you need all four pillars to support a balanced game. Whether it’s tactical, fitness, or technical, you’re using your brain and mental skills to focus, make decisions, control emotions, analyze movements, deal with adversity, and even talk to yourself.

We hope to help grow your mental tool box through these fun videos and skills. The lessons hopefully you will learn are not only for you the PLAYER but also you the PERSON.